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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Narendra Modi Facebook Timeline Covers

Narender Modi is a visionary leader,who is the architect of modern Gujarat.His fame is growing around the world especially among the youth of India.The vibrant Gujarat is a trailer of a film in the form of developed mini-India within India when this mini-India will expand all over India then it becomes vibrant India and then the trailer will be converted into a complete picture.Its good to have his pic as Facebook timeline covers and so, we are presenting you some of  Narendra Modi Facebook Timeline Covers.

Narendra Modi Facebook India First Timeline Covers

Narendra Modi Facebook e-governance Timeline Covers

Narendra Modi Facebook India Youth Timeline Covers

Narendra Modi Facebook One India Timeline Cover

Narendra Modi Facebook Nation Learning DNA Timeline Covers

Narendra Modi Facebook visionary Dream Timeline Covers

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Friday, August 23, 2013

Frankly Faking with Manish Tiwari

Hello all! this is Arnab Goswami and today's in our Biscuit Hour chief guest is Manish Tiwary (Honorable India parliament member and Union Minister of State, Minister of Information and Broadcasting).

: Hello Sir,I hope all is well!!!

:Yeah,all is well!!

: Here is my first question to you.Is there any need with the qualification of a person to become a journalist?

: Yes, qualification is much needed for any person to become a journalist just like B Tech for Engineers,MBBS for Doctors and so on.

: So what is the qualification needed to become a politician?

: There is no certain qualification required to become a politician in India.Any citizen can become a politician.

 : Justify your answer.

: This is not any board exam.

: But this is a Biscuit Hour and you need to justify your answer because "Nation wants to know".

: well, there is no such qualification for people to become politician,but you can count serving Janata,wearing white kurta as qualification.

 : If so,then even compounder in a hospital can become a Doctor regardless with MMBS as he serves patients and wears white clothes.

: (drinks some water and wiping sweat with white hanky) no comments.Are you a RSS member?

 : Are you a corrupt politician?

 : NO

: Even my answer to your question is No.Lets move on to another question.

:  Is our nation facing worst economy crisis ever?

: No,not all because you can clearly see Chennai express is getting highest collections ever in the history of Bollywood and even though rate of onion is raising up still people are buying it.This shows that we are economically strong.

: You forgot to mention one more point that is making our economy much more stronger.

 : What is that?

: Scams and jump in balance due to Dollar accounts abroad of political babus.

:Would you like to have some tea or biscuits?

: I would like to walk out from this show.

: This is not parliament but any way you can walk out from this show.Don't forget to take a bath as your sweating.

: Thanks for the offer.Firstly, i want go to hospital.

: Thanks for coming to Biscuit Hour.

: I want to know why you screwed me?

: Because, "Nation needs answers".

Note: The articles presented over is purely fiction,while public figures and real events may be referred to in our articles to convey satire, the ‘quotes’ attributed to the ‘sources’ in our articles are fake.We don't want to hurt any body with our satires.Kindly cooperate with us as we do not Intend to hurt your feelings.We urge people not to take care of the news presented over here seriously and and sincerely apologize for any such hurt our articles might have caused.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Facebook launches Rakhi-Make a Brother app on Raksha Bandhan.

Panic strikes in India among boys especially youth when facebook launched Rakhi app on account of Raksha Bandhan.  N.D Tiwari Raja, was startled when he saw a notification "Kareena is now sister of  Raju".He was completely shocked and quickly started to remove the notification from his timeline which ended unsuccessful.

 " What the hell is happening today?? I am not even able to delete this notification from my timeline!",a frustrated Raja shared his anger with News Biscuit.

When our reporter asked Raja about the notification,he said that,"I have been spending my whole salary for 3 years on her thinking that on one day she will be mine.But i have never expected this."

Earlier Kareena received a mail about the rakhi app which stated that,"On this auspicious day we are presenting you Rakhi - make a brother app through which u can tie Rakhi to your lovers loved ones".

Speaking to our reporter Facebook official said that,"Yes,we launched this app so that all girls can send rakhi's to their beloved ones".He further explained that," We are strong competitors of Google who always keeps different doodles on different auspicious day.To give tough doodle competition to them we came out with this different app".

Meanwhile Arnab Goswami  questioned Facebook officials in News Hour that,"Nation wants to know".

The 15 facts of Arnab Goswami

Some are born to raise voice and some are born to question.But now we present Arnab Goswami( Angry Man) who has both the qualities of voice and question raiser.He questions on various issues in his show News Hour to the people in the panels like bullets.Yes, he is angry man because "nation wants to know".

We are presenting 15 points which made Arnab as a Angry Man.

  • When Arnab Goswami was in school, he used to write 36 questions to every question in his answer sheet
  • Once he set the question paper for ICSE and surprisingly 90% of students failed as they were unable to write all the questions which were tagged with "nation wants to know".
  • He wrote his first letter which includes 143 questions on Love.
  • Arnab's wife never won in argument with her hubby.
  • He always carry love letters written by his fans in his show "News Hour". 
  • When Arnab signs,he does it only in capital letters.
  • His maid admitted in hospital,when she faced 24 questions on her punctuality form Arnab.
  • Sachin scores centuries and Arnab talks for centuries.
  • If Arnab goes to a debate,he will be first level opponent.
  • He can throw 60 questions in a minute.
  • He has is own physics laws which states "Sound travels faster than Light".
  • Arnab once called for a press conference but against the tradition he started asking questions to media people.
  • He decided not to talk on 30th Feb.
  • Joker is serious but Arnab wants his answers.
  • Musharraf was awarded because he managed to get out of News Hour alive.