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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The 15 facts of Arnab Goswami

Some are born to raise voice and some are born to question.But now we present Arnab Goswami( Angry Man) who has both the qualities of voice and question raiser.He questions on various issues in his show News Hour to the people in the panels like bullets.Yes, he is angry man because "nation wants to know".

We are presenting 15 points which made Arnab as a Angry Man.

  • When Arnab Goswami was in school, he used to write 36 questions to every question in his answer sheet
  • Once he set the question paper for ICSE and surprisingly 90% of students failed as they were unable to write all the questions which were tagged with "nation wants to know".
  • He wrote his first letter which includes 143 questions on Love.
  • Arnab's wife never won in argument with her hubby.
  • He always carry love letters written by his fans in his show "News Hour". 
  • When Arnab signs,he does it only in capital letters.
  • His maid admitted in hospital,when she faced 24 questions on her punctuality form Arnab.
  • Sachin scores centuries and Arnab talks for centuries.
  • If Arnab goes to a debate,he will be first level opponent.
  • He can throw 60 questions in a minute.
  • He has is own physics laws which states "Sound travels faster than Light".
  • Arnab once called for a press conference but against the tradition he started asking questions to media people.
  • He decided not to talk on 30th Feb.
  • Joker is serious but Arnab wants his answers.
  • Musharraf was awarded because he managed to get out of News Hour alive.


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