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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Facebook launches Rakhi-Make a Brother app on Raksha Bandhan.

Panic strikes in India among boys especially youth when facebook launched Rakhi app on account of Raksha Bandhan.  N.D Tiwari Raja, was startled when he saw a notification "Kareena is now sister of  Raju".He was completely shocked and quickly started to remove the notification from his timeline which ended unsuccessful.

 " What the hell is happening today?? I am not even able to delete this notification from my timeline!",a frustrated Raja shared his anger with News Biscuit.

When our reporter asked Raja about the notification,he said that,"I have been spending my whole salary for 3 years on her thinking that on one day she will be mine.But i have never expected this."

Earlier Kareena received a mail about the rakhi app which stated that,"On this auspicious day we are presenting you Rakhi - make a brother app through which u can tie Rakhi to your lovers loved ones".

Speaking to our reporter Facebook official said that,"Yes,we launched this app so that all girls can send rakhi's to their beloved ones".He further explained that," We are strong competitors of Google who always keeps different doodles on different auspicious day.To give tough doodle competition to them we came out with this different app".

Meanwhile Arnab Goswami  questioned Facebook officials in News Hour that,"Nation wants to know".


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