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Friday, August 23, 2013

Frankly Faking with Manish Tiwari

Hello all! this is Arnab Goswami and today's in our Biscuit Hour chief guest is Manish Tiwary (Honorable India parliament member and Union Minister of State, Minister of Information and Broadcasting).

: Hello Sir,I hope all is well!!!

:Yeah,all is well!!

: Here is my first question to you.Is there any need with the qualification of a person to become a journalist?

: Yes, qualification is much needed for any person to become a journalist just like B Tech for Engineers,MBBS for Doctors and so on.

: So what is the qualification needed to become a politician?

: There is no certain qualification required to become a politician in India.Any citizen can become a politician.

 : Justify your answer.

: This is not any board exam.

: But this is a Biscuit Hour and you need to justify your answer because "Nation wants to know".

: well, there is no such qualification for people to become politician,but you can count serving Janata,wearing white kurta as qualification.

 : If so,then even compounder in a hospital can become a Doctor regardless with MMBS as he serves patients and wears white clothes.

: (drinks some water and wiping sweat with white hanky) no comments.Are you a RSS member?

 : Are you a corrupt politician?

 : NO

: Even my answer to your question is No.Lets move on to another question.

:  Is our nation facing worst economy crisis ever?

: No,not all because you can clearly see Chennai express is getting highest collections ever in the history of Bollywood and even though rate of onion is raising up still people are buying it.This shows that we are economically strong.

: You forgot to mention one more point that is making our economy much more stronger.

 : What is that?

: Scams and jump in balance due to Dollar accounts abroad of political babus.

:Would you like to have some tea or biscuits?

: I would like to walk out from this show.

: This is not parliament but any way you can walk out from this show.Don't forget to take a bath as your sweating.

: Thanks for the offer.Firstly, i want go to hospital.

: Thanks for coming to Biscuit Hour.

: I want to know why you screwed me?

: Because, "Nation needs answers".

Note: The articles presented over is purely fiction,while public figures and real events may be referred to in our articles to convey satire, the ‘quotes’ attributed to the ‘sources’ in our articles are fake.We don't want to hurt any body with our satires.Kindly cooperate with us as we do not Intend to hurt your feelings.We urge people not to take care of the news presented over here seriously and and sincerely apologize for any such hurt our articles might have caused.


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